Dream Man Garage

Mike Doweidt wanted his own man cave for a long time, but it wasn’t possible because his work required him to move frequently. Recently when Mike’s work as a regional Snap-on Manager allowed him to stay in one place, he decided the time was right to build that dream shop.
Mike bought a home with four acres in Roanoke, TX and started looking around for a shop builder. Not only did he need a good solid structure, but he also needed a new driveway installed to connect his existing driveway to his custom shop. Ulrich Custom Garages was Mike’s one-stop shop for design, access, and construction.
The dream man garage is 50×70 ft, with an additional 20×70 ft open air lean-to. The overall footprint of the building is 70×70 ft.
The shop is part racing garage and part American Ninja Warrior gym. Mike shares both his racing hobby and his ninja warrior hobby with his son.
One of the building’s custom features is a sloped drain trough that allows Mike to wash vehicles inside the shop. The U shaped drain is actually formed into the concrete floor, and catches the wash water, draining it to the exterior of the building. All that’s needed after a wash is a quick floor squeegee.
A big priority for Mike was having a comfortable place to work in all types of weather. We insulated the interior of the shop’s wall and ceilings with spray foam. On a 25 degree day, Mike was able to warm the shop up to 60 degrees in an hour’s time with several heaters. In warm weather, the shop’s big garage doors make it easy to ventilate.
Mike really loves the open air lean-to as well. When the weather’s right, it’s the perfect place for tackling those messy DIY projects.
Mike is super-pleased with his custom garage.
His advice to other guys: This structure is for life. Don’t skimp. Spend the money upfront to get the features and quality you want.